Often associated with the world of little girls, romantics, the 70s or the beach, the floral motif has made a comeback on the fashion scene this season. With its tropical or jungle variation, the flower print has modernized and invaded all the wardrobes. But how do you appropriate it to be in? Discover all our tips for adopting the trend in style in winter.

For my interview for the 12th edition of Enomos enomag magazine, I opted for flowers print outfit. The main subject of this interview was about my involvement in the Eclat project. Besides, I invite you to go to the section: MY ENGAMENTS / Press to find out more about the interview.

Frank Martini (www.mms-trier.com)

The floral print: best winter trend

Bare trees, fallen leaves, sleeping nature … it means winter is here. What look to adopt throughout this season? This question may seem like a real headache to you. Don’t worry, I’m showing you the solution: plant prints!

If you have always believed that the flowery look is reserved for spring-summer, think about it again. It’s true that in summer, flowery clothes and accessories are in vogue, but I assure you that they can also be suitable for all other seasons, especially winter. During the shoot for my interview, this trend proved itself.

Remove your floral prints from your wardrobe. Otherwise, go shopping to get them and voila. The floral patterns bring a resolutely seductive country touch to your figure. In the alleys, your Flower Power trend attracts everyone’s attention. Wherever you go, you impress people. Why ? Because if this practice is in full swing in summer, you stand out by adopting it in winter. It also reveals your appetite for originality. Flowers can adapt to any context and location. I’ll say it Again, the floral prints are made for you. Note that you can even wear it at work to combine elegance and classic.

How to wear flowers in winter?

I hope you are now convinced that the floral look is a just invincible fashion trend. But to adopt it in winter, a few parameters must be taken into account. For this, I suggest that you favor dark shades. I advise you to wear a print with large flowers, the background of which remains quite dark: black and navy blue for example with a pair boots. You can also opt for a long skirt, with a leather jacket, the rock’n’roll style will be accentuated. If you are a fan of night events or cabaret outings, do not hesitate to adopt this trend. With it, you will not be cold, but the beauty of your silhouette will be enhanced.

The most “fashion week”: the long dress. Less obvious than the short dress, but much more impressive! Even if you dare, you take it out covered with a long man’s coat or a faux-fur jacket.




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