A year ago, I participated to Enovos “Tell your Story” contest. Enovos is the leader on the energy market in Luxembourg. The contest allowed participants to share a story about what electricity brought in their life.

La cérémonie de remise des prix « Tell your story »

Concours „Tell your story“

Why did this contest particularly inspired me?

I come from a country (Cameroon) where the reliability of the electricity service is very low, and the cuts (planned or unplanned) are frequent and often long. According to a report published by Africa’s Pulse in April 2018, Cameroon is the third country in Africa, with the most load shedding after Benin and Togo.
Having lived in Cameroon until the age of 11, I can compare everyday life in Africa and Europe.

Following this competition, I had the opportunity to join the ECLAT project as an ambassador, where I work with Enovos and the NGO PADEM which is at the origin of this project.

The ECLAT Project is to improve the school performance and the maintenance of children and teenagers at school, by relying on the electrification of schools. The goal of this project will be to electrify schools in Senegal. The local NGO JED (Youth and Development) is mandated by PADEM to coordinate the project from Senegal. This project will improve the living and learning conditions of children, but will also have a positive impact on their family life.

The project is taking place over 4 years, from January 2020 to December 2023. The intervention zone is located in western Senegal, more precisely in the Thiès region.

Why did I join?

I have joined this incredible adventure because the results of the work that will be done will have a great impact in:

– contributing to better access for children to quality education and better learning conditions;
– improving school performance, safety and student retention through the provision of quality service packages;
– to raise awareness of the importance of the school;
– enable the establishment of a national system for the protection of children;
– improve the living conditions and safety of children.

I invite you to click the following links:

– If you want to know more about the project Eclat:

– If you want to donate:

– If you fly to know more about the NGO JED

I invite you to click on the following links to know more about this project:

De la lumière pour les enfants Sénégalais

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