Autumn is winter’s spring

Autumn is the third season of the year, it arrives in the middle of September, and with it comes rain and wind. It’s a photogenic season, with soft lights and the colors of the vegetation.

Whether with your lover, with family or friends, autumn is the best season to walk in the forest and enjoy hear the birds singing, see the leaves falling from the trees and feel the wind caressing your skin …

Admittedly, I do not often go to the forest and enjoy a breath of fresh air but in autumn, spring and summer, I always make sure to go there at least 2 times per month. For me it is a great moment of well-being, the opportunity to empty your mind and forget the little worries of everyday life.

Even if in Luxembourg we cannot compete with the most beautiful forests in the world where during the fall, the show is simply breathtaking … I quote some examples:

– The White Carpathian Forests, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, With its vast meadows, enchanting forests and orchid camps, they are among one of the most priceless environments in Europe.

– Autumn Tree Tunnel at Halnaker in West Sussex (England), where at this time of the year, we find ourselves bathed in a tunnel of brown and orange colors

– The legendary and magnificent Breton forest named Brocéliande, famous for having hosted the adventures of Merlin and the fairy Morgane

– Poplar forests, in Oregon (United States) which takes an amazing appearance by revealing its flamboyant colors during the fall.

In Luxembourg, we also have beautiful landscapes and natural parks that allow people to take air and admire the flamboyant colors of the vegetation during the autumn.

The trees of the forest take on their most beautiful colors, chestnuts and chestnut bugs cover the foot of the trees, and the mushrooms are hidden behind the stumps. The perfect opportunity to admire the beauty of nature, and to learn a little more about the fauna and flora.

Who says change of season, necessarily says new wardrobe. It’s an opportunity to redo our stock of warm clothes enough (and trendy) to prevent us from catching cold. Here I opted for a caramel colored wool sweater dress, with a white coat. I admit it, it is not a suitable outfit to go in the forest, but the one that inspired me most that day.

When temperatures are more colder (accompanied with wind and rain), we always looking for ways to warm up drinking tea, hot chocolate or coffee outside or in our couch in front of our favourite Netflix series.

This season prepare us for winter, more days are moving forward, the closer we get to the end of the year and holidays: the city changes, people’s moods change, we attend the installation of garlands, we see Santa everywhere, we start thinking about gifts to offer to our family or friends, everything becomes more festive and it allows us to face the cold more easily.

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Autumn is winter’s spring